Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Digital ATCs

I adore messing with Adobe photoshop and when I have time I like to experiment with digital ATCS.

This stiking image came form a colour supplement.

same image

Again the same image but shrouded in bubbles and blurred.
Added words-

Friday, 8 June 2007

Roundies are the new inchies

I was finding laying out inchies difficult as they are by nature straight.I decided to try some round shapes christened roundies.These are basically 1 inch in diameter but as I didn't want them laid out in regimented rows I decide to include circles that were a little bigger or smaller.I had a lot of fun with these especially when I invested in a few punches as cutting out is a pain.

My oriental roundies

Friday, 1 June 2007

Open Sesame

above outside below inside
This was an ATC swap which had to open.I thought a window would be good also so I made one with my inchie punch and covered it with punchinella scrap-The rather odd looking balls in the picture.
I was fascinated by the picture of the woman and saw that I had a marvy metallic background in just the same colours.So the woman went on with her face behind the window.I wanted to add mystery and I thought of strange happenings in woods -hence the text and the over stamping-which sadly does'nt show up that well.
I tried to contrast the outside and inside also so it was a surprise when you opened it.I wish the punchinella had been finer are more see through.