Monday, 28 May 2007

Inchie swap

I ran a swap on creative cards where we each had to create art on 1 inch squares.This was a challenge especially to messy people who cant see that well close up.Does that ring any bells? But lots of people joined in.When I got mine back I was determined to use a square frame However I found this one and thought it was perfect.So here they are our first inchies.
Here are some of the squares in more detail

Monday, 21 May 2007

Atcs with special backgrounds

I adore making backgrounds and have huge stacks of them.Every now and then I decide to make some ATCS.My favourite style is collage stamping but I am often disappointed when my lovely background disappears.I thought I would try a simpler style with more of a silhouette look.This background is marvy metallics on black glossy card.

The one called waiting for a sign is alcohol inks and dream time is gessoed with lumieres applied with a credit card.

Friday, 11 May 2007

My decorated box

I have always admired some of the 3 D objects in craft magazines.I thought I would have a go.Its not perfect but it is a start.I painted it with purple lumiere paint.The top is UTEE in a thick layer which I made as a rectangle on a craft sheet and added afterwards.
I embedded lots of pearlex and coloured eps into it and then added loads of tiny gold beads.
I stamped into it -however I think that this was perhaps a mistake.It doesn't look quite right somehow.Anyway for a first attempt it was quite nice tho I haven't ever made any more pieces like this.

Monday, 7 May 2007

These things are like little shallow bottle tops-I dont know what they are called.I coloured the metal with a black sharpie and then added the opals EP.After a good layer I put down a bit of fantasy film and added more ep.The last job was a quick stamp with an inked stamp and voila a jewell.
I wanted to make a good job for our leader!!!The theme was women and I chose to portray the role of women during the war.I painted the page with paint in a rough way and kept adding distress inks which just kept disappearing.Then some texture with stamps in copper and black and gold-a grid stamp and a face.Then some sponging through some mesh holes.The background was so nice and since I covered it it has mostly gone!!!!

The pictures were inspired from postcards
The other side shows this wonderful strong image overlaid by Victorians from the past-to illustrate change