Monday, 30 March 2009

Mould mania

Here are my latest experiments with moulds.First the Krafty lady one which are brilliant.I used UEE and fimo here.I dusted the moulds with mica powders before using fimo soft.The pansy and faceis the fimo.the paler ones are UTEE.

I also bought some hard amaco moulds which I tried.The fimo ones were again dusted with mica.they do ease out gently with a craft knife.Some of the designs are great and they were a bargain on ebay.these are the pinky hearts

Lastly amaco again with UTEE.they do come out!!.I chose shallow ones and sprayed with silicone first.I can now make some more inerestingly coloured ones.These are the bronze daisy and leaves

faux dichoric glass

Finally I think i got this.I used my melt pot but only put the glass in the shallow area to coat one side.Then I added the film trimmed and touched the edges onto the dry piece of pot to seal.Finally i poured UTEE on and stamped into it.These are the neatest ones I ever made!!