Friday, 22 May 2009

A flower for Fiona

Another collaberative meander page.

Annies Play on words

Uh huh more angelina

Collaberative meander journal

here are a couple of pages I have made.Pauline chose nature as a theme so I made this using angelina fibers.its a pity the colours dont show on the scan-it is very pretty.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Polymer clay brocades

We have all been making these.See Adriennes blog for the instructions.Here are some of my effortsThey are very pretty-but Im not sure i rolled them flat enough at the last stage.Still they look nice unrolled too.I also have lots of bits which I made from the scraps but these arent decorated as yet.I am trying to make a Klimtesque piece but havent got it yet

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Margarets cemetry angel

This was Margaret's choice and didnt appeal to me at all but needs must! Karen had sent me a wonderful canvas and ATC where she stamped texture into golden gel and then used a gold rub on so I thought this method might be worth a try.I photoshopped a picture of an angel and made all the colours sepia.The background was just black.I made rays around the angel with the gel and stood her on a pumice gel plinth.Then I rubbed on the gold.
Its not very me and I hope she likes it .I did enjoy the method and she's growing on me.

The great gatsby

I made this for Maggi on the theme of movies/literature.I hope she likes it.I had fun with it.I love these canvases!!