Saturday, 17 November 2007

Chrissys board book

The theme of the book was friendships and I thought that I might include animal friends.
I know that Chrissy has a beautiful dog called Molly who I thought would be the main image.The background is layers of starburst stains in blue and gold with white acrylic dry brushed between to create some depth.The paws were a masterstoke.Someone had given them to me and I found them in my box when searching for inspiration.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Pen and wash project

I don't usually share my art on here but I rather like this one.We all had to put a very loose wash onto the page-mine was far looser than everyones being a messy person.In fact I deliberately used a huge brush. If you look closely you can see where the colours are all over the place.
We used pen to pull the whole thing together and add the shadows .

Melt pot mayhem!!

I have finally got out my melt pot which I wanted to use for faux carnival glass on formica samples.I soon discovered they get very thick very quickly so in the end I only did the first initial dunk and then set to work with my heat gun.
I realised also that stamping into the hot UTEE wasn't my forte-I press too hard i thin and I gave up doing this.In the end I was just happy to add glitter mica powders and other bits and bobs.
The blue sample isn't made with film at all but with foil which Suze Weinberg demonstrated a while ago.The pink sample used opals ep glitter and micro beads.The greenish one is true faux carnival glass but without the stamping.Finally i had to do the backs without ruining the front and eventually made little mats of angelina fibres which I ironed onto the back with my craft iron.
Thanks to loads of people -Caz for the samples and everyone who advised on the end I used regular UTEE with flex in it not the opals stuff.