Friday, 7 August 2009

Digital work

I have been doing an online course with jessica Sprague.I was quite pleased with this.The brush is from Annikaavonholtdt and the frame was course material for a previous course but I coloured it.I was thrilled with the graded shading on the brush which I did.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

My very own mould

I wanted to create my own moulds for clay and have been wondering how to proceed.First I stamped into fimo to make a leafy background.Then I cut out a lozenge shape and baked it.

Clay base with embellishments

here is an idea of how this looked-the bits have since fallen off.Anyway its the previous stage with bits added.This is what I pressed into the mould compound.

The mould

Ready for the fimo

the finished piece

Here it is moulded with clay and needing painting

Saturday, 6 June 2009

More pages -vintage for Jacqui and Paulines song titles.Again I have used thin layers of angelina and stamped on them.The song is welcome home-you cant see the detail

more meanders

These are my pages for Adriennes dream theme and my own sea and sky.I am loving beads and angelina fibers.

Friday, 22 May 2009

A flower for Fiona

Another collaberative meander page.

Annies Play on words

Uh huh more angelina

Collaberative meander journal

here are a couple of pages I have made.Pauline chose nature as a theme so I made this using angelina fibers.its a pity the colours dont show on the scan-it is very pretty.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Polymer clay brocades

We have all been making these.See Adriennes blog for the instructions.Here are some of my effortsThey are very pretty-but Im not sure i rolled them flat enough at the last stage.Still they look nice unrolled too.I also have lots of bits which I made from the scraps but these arent decorated as yet.I am trying to make a Klimtesque piece but havent got it yet

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Margarets cemetry angel

This was Margaret's choice and didnt appeal to me at all but needs must! Karen had sent me a wonderful canvas and ATC where she stamped texture into golden gel and then used a gold rub on so I thought this method might be worth a try.I photoshopped a picture of an angel and made all the colours sepia.The background was just black.I made rays around the angel with the gel and stood her on a pumice gel plinth.Then I rubbed on the gold.
Its not very me and I hope she likes it .I did enjoy the method and she's growing on me.

The great gatsby

I made this for Maggi on the theme of movies/literature.I hope she likes it.I had fun with it.I love these canvases!!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

paper quilt-clever things to do with a wizard!!

My good friend Adrienne gave me some instructions on how to make a paper quilt and I thought I d combine it with a swap I was doing entitled clever things to do with your wizard.
The materials I used were angelina, fantasy film,copper mesh,metal sheet foils (the sort you put on dried glue-the fine flimsy ones) and wrapping paper.
I used fiskars plates.cuttlebug folders various dies ,lace and some metal embellishments to create the items.I particularly likes the lace bands on fantasy film top and bottom and the foil butterfly over a heavy metal embellishment.I am quite pleased with this and there is not a bottlecap in sight.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Botanical canvas

This is my IT girl gift for Debbie.I used various stamps and pieces of stampboard-some glass and some acetate.i hope she like it.I love making these canvases

Monday, 30 March 2009

Mould mania

Here are my latest experiments with moulds.First the Krafty lady one which are brilliant.I used UEE and fimo here.I dusted the moulds with mica powders before using fimo soft.The pansy and faceis the fimo.the paler ones are UTEE.

I also bought some hard amaco moulds which I tried.The fimo ones were again dusted with mica.they do ease out gently with a craft knife.Some of the designs are great and they were a bargain on ebay.these are the pinky hearts

Lastly amaco again with UTEE.they do come out!!.I chose shallow ones and sprayed with silicone first.I can now make some more inerestingly coloured ones.These are the bronze daisy and leaves

faux dichoric glass

Finally I think i got this.I used my melt pot but only put the glass in the shallow area to coat one side.Then I added the film trimmed and touched the edges onto the dry piece of pot to seal.Finally i poured UTEE on and stamped into it.These are the neatest ones I ever made!!

Monday, 12 January 2009

textured panel

I made this panel as an excercise in texture.It is coloured with glimmer mists and perfect pigments with hairspray.The texture is formed from mesh, gesso, gel and paper.