Saturday, 5 April 2008

Bind it all ATC display unit

I made this with my bind it all to display ATCs.I have a 7 gypsies one but each card needs notching which I dont like to do.I used some spare plastic wallets cut down to just over 3.5 by 3.Punching these out was a nightmare as I had to do each one individually.They didnt cut cleanly like paper or card and I had to trim each one with a little pair of scissors,I made 3 "covers" from mount board to provide the stand.The covers were a tiny bit larger than the plastic pockets.I used a 5/8 binder but I am going to remove this and use an inch oneas the pages are a bit tight.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

More Atcs

The first ATC is on black glssy card with marvys added giving a silvery background which sadly isnt too clear.
The middle one was a shining stones background which I thought was a bit muddy and garish but its amazing how they all look great when stamped up.
The last was acetate coloured with alcohol inks and metallics.

Image transfers

the 2 on the right are image transfers.I am experimenting with this.

Atc collage

These are for a collage stamp swap.I adore these Cathleen Perkins stamps and have never tired of them If anyone know where to get more please say.
The whole theme is Paris